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Cisco IMC Add-on for HP Operations Orchestrator (version 1.1(1))


Cisco IMC Remote Action Service (RAS) is an add-on for Hewlett Packard Operations Orchestrator 9.0 (HPOO) that will allow users to automate tasks in managing UCS C-Series and E-series servers.

Users can use this RAS to create "flows" that interact with the Cisco IMC XML API in UCS C-Series and E-series servers to automate configuration/maintenance tasks.

A flow is a collection of HPOO operations linked together to perform a composite task. Operations supported in this RAS are

  • ConnectImc
  • DisconnectImc
  • GetImcManagedObject
  • SetImcManagedObject
  • AddImcManagedObject
  • RemoveImcManagedObject
  • ExportImcTechSupport
  • ExportImcConfiguration
  • ImportImcConfiguration
  • GetImcChild
  • ExecutePython

What is new in v1.1(1)?

  • Support for E-series servers. CIMC version must be 2.2(1) or higher.
  • Re-naming of the activity names from *UcsCSeries* to *Imc*

For any queries/feedback on Smart Plugin for HPOM, please add a discussion to the Cisco Developed Integrations sub-space on Cisco UCS Communities.

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