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UCS PowerTool Script for UCS C3000/S-Series: Create RAID 0 Disk Group Policies and Storage Profile(s)


Based on UCS PowerTool Script for UCS C3000/S-Series: Convert all disks to Unconfigured-Good for UCS Domain(s) this script creates as much individual RAID 0 disk group policies as you like and then creates the appropriate Local LUNs in a storage Profile.

Right now you can't create for a large number of disks a RAID 0 disk group policy for each individual disk. In a worst case scenario you have to create 60 individual RAID 0 disk group policies for a C3260 or S3260 with 60 disks. The script does that automatically for you with default configuration of caching (except write cache is set to "Write Back Good BBU"). It also ask you for top-loaded SSDs and leaves them as JBODs.

In a second step the script create for you 1-2 storage profiles (depends on the number of nodes in a C3260/S3260) with the appropriate Local LUNs out of the disk group policies you already created.

This is a typical setup for a Red Hat Ceph Storage environment where the top-loaded HDDs are configured as RAID 0 and the top-loaded SSDs left as JBODs.

P.S.: Thanks to joemar as parts of this script came from his VLAN script.

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