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Intersight - Nested Orgs / inherated access to VLAN, Pools etc

Mark Morsing
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Hello everyone

I'm fairly new to Intersight, but pretty familiar with UCS manager and UCS Central - which might be my pitfall here.

I'm prepping our newly installed intersight appliance for our new hardware, and we're pretty happy about our current org structure in UCS Manager and UCS Central.
The current Org stucture is based a lot on nested structures. Example:

Root -> Production -> Hypervisors -> ESXi
Root -> Nonproduction -> Hypervisors - ESXi

Vi have a lot of these types of orgs - and by doing it this way we can easily setup access based rules.
Furthermore in UCS, all our VLANs and Pools are created at the "root" level, which means we can access them from any Org, any where which is quite handy for us.

But back to intersight.
I don't appear to be able create a nested Org structure? It appears to be a completely flat linear structure, which means if i have to keep my current structure, then i have to create an Org string pr end og.

Root -> Production -> Hypervisors -> ESXi

We can live with this - we script just about everything so this doesn't really bother us.
But the real headache starts when we look at pools, vlans, templates etc.

It appears that an object lives and i restricted to the Org where it has been created.

So if we create vlan 1234 in the default org (The top org), then i wont be able to see vlan 1234 in my default-production-hypervisors-esxi org.

And i can't see any way og granting my org access to vlan 1234 - as we can do in UCS central.

So if i want my vlan 1234 to be accessible from all my orgs, then i have to create my vlan 1234 in all my orgs?

Have anyone else experienced this? Or have any tips? 

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I have this issue as well. Does anyone have a good solution to this problem? 

Kind regards

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