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Auto disable poe for very low power devices

We are running a Cisco 2960x switch. We have multiple PoE enabled devices attached. These devices typically draw 6W. The devices can also be powered by a DC input, at which point they switch to DC power. When running via DC the switch shows that they are typically drawing 0.9W PoE. Is there a way to configure the switch so that if a device is drawing less than 1 or 2 watts that the switch will disable PoE for that port?


Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

2960X supports EEM.  

Paging @Joe Clarke.

After wasting an afternoon found this statement online, "EEM is not supported on the 2960 series.   Only EEM-Lite is supported".

I am unable to program applets into my 2960, I am running 15.2 (2) E7.

Also noted in this Cisco thread:

I am unable to find any documentation on EEM-Lite.

What is the exact model of 2960X? 

Catalyst 2960-X 

Ver reports WS-C2960X-24PS-L


The product code ends with an "-L".  That means LAN Base (and not LAN Lite). 

EEM is supported.  I have a lot of 2960X and I have EEM enabled on each stack. 

Then I'm missing something because when I try to initiate an applet I get an invalid input error, see below. 


Switch#configure terminal
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
Switch(config)#event manager applet DC-IN-POE-OFF
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.


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