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Alex S

CUIC 11.6 - Why do all reports collect data in 15 minute intervals?



New to CUIC 11.6 and hoping for some pointers on historical reporting. I notice that all of the reports in CUIC 11.6 collect data by 15 minute intervals. For example, if I try to run a Call Type Historical All Fields report for the day before from 6 AM to 9 PM, every 15 minutes is a line item for any specific call type. This makes 60 rows of data for 1 call type. This is a problem as we have 80+ call types in our call center, and need to pull information on a weekly/monthly/quarterly level and we immediately data cap at 8000 rows when we try to do this. This is an issue across all historical reports I have seen thus far, calls and queues and agents alike. The only exception to this are ECE reports, which work swimmingly as the ECE reports as well as ECE itself itself appear to be carbon copies of eGain.


This sort of interval reporting seems to be at a query level, and cannot be fixed by grouping data together as the data still caps causing inaccurate information. I can't help but think that Cisco should have SOMETHING for their clients where they can see Call Type and Agent Performance for a long range of time. Does anyone have any insight? We keep being told by our vendor that we have to work with "smaller sets of data"; and that isn't acceptable and if we had known about this limitation we would gone with a different product. Any light shed on this would be much appreciated.

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