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no shutdown not working on router


I am working on this activity and I am required to configure static routing on router.

After I configured the IP address of the router, I already up the connection on its serial interface which is 0/1/0. But when I entered no shutdown, there is no notice that the protocol has been up. So, I check it using the do show ip interface brief. Unfortunately, the protocol is still down. What do you think is the problem here? When I check the other routers, the no shutdown command is working. How come that in this router the no shutdown command is not working?324515721_935289277878696_7587840292281342815_n.png


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check the cable you use, the cable is not correct for Serial then serial will be down/down.


There could be a few reasons why the "no shutdown" command is not working on your router. Some possible causes include:

  1. The interface might be administratively down. This can happen if the interface has been configured with the "shutdown" command or if the interface is not physically connected.

  2. The interface might be in a error-disabled state. This can happen if the interface encounters a hardware or software error.

  3. The cable might not be plugged in or not properly seated. Make sure the cable is plugged in and that it is plugged in the correct port on both sides.

  4. The interface might not be configured properly. Make sure that the interface is configured with the correct IP address, subnet mask, and encapsulation type.

  5. The interface might be a Layer 2 interface, which does not support IP addresses.

You can try to troubleshoot the problem by looking at the interface's status and error messages. You can also try to clear the interface's counters and error counters by using the command "clear counters" and see if that resolves the issue.

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