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Packet tracer on Mac can't log in

Hi All, 

I hope this is in the right place. 

I am trying, hard, to install Packet Tracer in my Macbook pro running 10.15.4 ( fully updated)

I could not install Packet Tracer 7.3 I get an error on trying to open and it crashed.

I tried 7.2.2 and it runs fine till I try to log in using my existing NetAcad credentials. It says they are incorrect. However they are the correct credentials. I suspect something is not right! If I throw in any make up email and password combo it says the same thing. 

If I run as guest it works perfect. There is something not quite right at the login stage. 

Any insight wellcome as I've trawled the net tried everything I can and no joy!





Rising star

Re: Packet tracer on Mac can't log in


Try with your Cisco credentials - one u used to login here using useranme or email you registered with Cisco.  All of us PT users have same issue since Cisco started migrating all usernames/passwords into OneID thing (access all with same id); 

if that does not work; you can open PT and use Guest login which limits your saves to 3 times 


PT 7.2.2 has lots of bugs; so please try 7.3 again.  

other way is to get Vmware Fusion to run Windows as virtual machine, PT 7.3 runs fine in Windows


Good luck! 

Regards, ML
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Re: Packet tracer on Mac can't log in

Thanks for the reply! 

I am using the same credentials that I use to log into NetAcad. 

The use as guest function is of no use to me at all!!

I have virtualbox installed and can run it on a windows machine. But that's not solving my problem with getting it running on this machine. 

I have tried 7.3 several times, install and uninstall, and it will not work on this, Macbook Pro, or on MacBook air. 

This is why I tried the older version. The older version works perfect except for the login issue. 

Thanks again. 

Any further input very much appreciated!




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