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Some questions about EoL components

Hello everybody,

following situation:

We have repeatedly used the Cisco C891F-K9 router among our customers. These devices are rented by our customers. Now, if a router is EoL type, then we'll swap it for a current model. But now it is the above router type is not yet EoL. However, 2 components are labeled as EoL.
This concerns the power supply (60W PSU) and the software image "IOS Universal Image". This somehow does not make any sense in our eyes. How do you deal with such a situation in the business environment? Should I replace the software image? is it even possible? 
The one power supply EoL is not important? If I exchange a C891F-K9 for a new C891F-K9, then surely these two EoL components are included again in the bundle, right? Or are there newer Parts out there?
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Dennis Mink

is this what you are referring to:


because that states the hardware itself is EoL.  can you quote your source?

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No sorry cant qoute.

Your Source does not describing my question because the document you qoute refers to the CISCO891-K9 ..but i talk about the actual (not EoL) Router C891F-K9.


A Router Bundle includes the PSU, Software image, some cables etc

And now my Database told me that the Router isnt EoL but the 60W PSU and the software Image "IOS Universal Image" are end of life.

Still can't find a reference for the EOL on the 891F....



The link shows that the 891F is the replacement for the 891- - the question is around the EOL for the 891F.





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