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Overview of how REST is utilized in OpenStack

Overview of how REST is utilized in OpenStack: OpenStack services typically communicate with each other and with external systems through RESTful APIs. These APIs allow users to interact with OpenStac...


How to deploy ceph with OpenStack Ocata

Ceph (Ceph Homepage - Ceph) is a great way to deploy persistent storage with OpenStack. Ceph can be used as the persistent storage backend with OpenStack Cinder (GitHub - openstack/cinder: OpenStack B...


First OpenStack Summit Under New Format is a Winner

Thank you to OpenStack and to the city of Boston for a great summit! The OpenStack Summit was in Boston, May 8-11. This was the first summit with new format, which separates the general summit from th...


Multicast with OpenStack using Cisco's Nexus9000 and UCS

This is a blog about how to deploy multicast in an OpenStack cloud.  Unlike broadcast and unicast, multicast is used for one-to-many communications.What is multicast?One-to-many communicationDriven by...


Welcome to Cloud Ref API

Welcome to the Infinite Toolkit Cloud Ref API Developer Tech Center designed to provide you with the most-up-to-date information.Please take a moment to subscribe to this blog so we may inform you of ...


Best REST in OpenStack

This is a blog about the best practices to develop, test, debug and scale REST APIs in an OpenStack cloud.  OpenStack is a great way to deploy a cloud in data centers and is one of the most popular op...

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