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App Profile - Microsoft SQL - Utilizing built-in Amazon RDS Service


The purpose of this article is to provide a sample Application Profile for Microsoft SQL, leveraging the Amazon AWS RDS service included with CloudCenter.

CloudCenter's RDS service is designed in a way that allows you to customize the parameters and values that RDS accepts, so you can adjust what you need from AWS dynamically from CloudCenter, including the Database Engine and version. Attached is a sample Application profile that takes advantage of this, and presents you with some of the available options you can choose for the Microsoft SQL Engine when deploying. For more information on the available variables you can choose, please see the following article, published by Amazon:

CreateDBInstance - Amazon Relational Database Service

Below are the Custom Parameters defined in the attached profile, along with their mapping to RDS:

Script ParameterMaps To

Sample Variables

cliqrRdsEngineEnginesqlserver-se, sqlserver-ee
cliqrRdsEngineVersionEngineVersion12.00.5000.0.v1, 13.00.2164.0.v1
cliqrIsPublicAccessiblePubliclyAccessibletrue, false
cliqrStorageTypeStorageTypestandard, gp2

Instructions for importing:

  1. Download the attached file
  2. From the CloudCenter Manager, go to Applications (App Profiles in 4.8.x).
  3. Select Import/Profile Package in the upper right of the Application Profiles page.
  4. Click Upload Profile Package and locate where you saved the file.
  5. Select the file and click Open.

Your profile should be loaded and ready to use!

**Important note** - In CloudCenter versions 4.8.0 and below, the RDS service script has an issue where the cliqrDBDataStorageSize parameter is not honored, and defaults to '100'. This causes an issue when deploying SQL Enterprise and Standard, which has a requirement of 200GB or more for the DB storage size. To correct this, the RDS service will need to refer to an updated version of the script in your own repository during the Start sequence, located in our c3-communities GitHub repo.

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