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CWMS Part Numbers/ Ordering Information


Where do I get ordering information for the Cisco WebEx Meetings Server? Unlike what I'm used to, I don't see any part numbers in the data sheet.



Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Kelvin,

If you have it included in your contract, you can use the following steps to order the media:

      • Ensure they have a valid UCSS and ESW contract numbers
      • Go to Product Upgrade Tool
      • Enter UCSS contract number, select Advanced option, click Continue
      • If needed, enter the corresponding ESW contract number and click Continue
      • In the list of available products find the following:

                    Cisco WebEx Meetings Server that supports Audio Encryption has product numbers:

        • MP-WMS-MIG-K9=              MP to MTGS SRVR- Phys Deliv -Standard Encrypt         - for physical delivery,
        • R-MP-WMS-MIG-K9=           MP to MTGS SRVR - E Deliv - Standard Encrypt              - for e-delivery.

                   Cisco WebEx Meetings Server that doesn’t support Audio Encryption has product numbers:

        • MP-WMS-MIG-AU-K9=        MP MTGS SRVR- Phys Deliv -Audio Unencrypt               - for physical delivery,
        • R-MPWMS-MIG-AU-K9=     MP to MTGS SRVR - E Deliv -Audio Unencrypt                - for e-delivery
      • Choose the one you prefer, enter the quantity, and complete the  order. (it can take several minutes for the processing, so please be  patient). Note down the SO# once you complete this order.
      • Keep in mind that for this product, you will need to submit A2Q  form. The A2Q review is used to validate system architecture prior to  the shipment and implementation of the software. To submit A2Q  questionnaire, please visit and select the Cisco WebEx Meetings Server (CWMS) questionnaire.  The  questionnaire will be reviewed and, upon approval, the software download  will be approved. In the A2Q questionnaire, you will be asked for the  SO #. Make sure you use the SO# noted in the above step.

However, if you need to purchase the product first, I would advise talking to Cisco Sales Rep.

I hope this helps.


Thanks for the response Dejan.

My case is actually for a new installation. It's the first I'm configuring this solution but I aready feel I am familiarising with it quite well thanks to the ordering guide available on this link:

I am going for the 50 concurrent user deployment and I intend to use just one physical server for both the Admin and IRP virtual machines.

Problem 1:

Does the software with top level R-WBXMTSVR1-K9 come with both the Admin VM and IRP VMs?

Problem 2:

How many VMware VSphere licenses do I need for the single server with both Admin and IRP virtual machines? This information is not available in the data sheet

Problem 3:

How do I order SSO?

I look forward to your assistance


Hi Kelvin,

Let me answer your questions.

1. When you order CWMS, you get the OVA file. Regardless of what deployment type you use, it is deployed from the same OVA file. Once you start the deployment you choose the size of your deployment.

2. Take a look at this discussion for more details about VMware licensing:

You  need a vCenter license - vCenter license itself will just enable you to use vCenter (1 license is fine), but you'll also need regular vSphere licenses for your VMs:

For vSphere 5 and later, licenses are purchased per Physical CPU / Socket (Unlimited Cores):

You can get these licenses in these two ways:

  • Buy  vSphere directly from Cisco on the GPL (Global Price List). Cisco is an  approved VMware partner and distributor. This is convenient for those  who "want everything from a single vendor".
  • #Purchase vSphere  directly from VMware, through enterprise agreements you have directly with VMware.

3. As for SSO, I am not sure what you are trying to do with this. Can you please explain?

Thank you.


Hi Dejan,

Thanks for the useful information

Problems 1:

Solved and left with no further qustions

Problem 2:

Ordering guide does not give part number for the specific vCenter and vSphere for the 50 concurrent user server. May you provide these? I had guessed and chose the ones below in CCW (shown below) but they are giving me errors in the end.

Problem 3:

I want to setup LDAP for sourcing username and authentication credentials from AD and I saw the ordering guide saying you need SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On (SSO) integration. Any knowledge as to how I can achieve this?

Thank you


Hi Kelvin,

For problem 3, will you be integrating a Call Manager with LDAP or you plan to connect CWMS with LDAP directly? If you will go through CUCM via AXL for LDAP, you don't need to get anything else. However, if you want to go directly to LDAP, you will need to get a Microsoft ADFS server that acts as a proxy in between. More about SSO you can find here:

As for problem 2, what you put seems alright, but I am not familiar with the actual ordering process. You may want to check with you Cisco Account Team or Customer Service to see why you are getting an error.

I hope any of this helps.


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