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Problem description

We have more than 10 operators with CUEAC console running in a enterprise network. Would like to generate a report on the operator availability. How to find the operator login and logout time on daily basis in CUEAC to monitor their presence ?


There is no such feature available on CUEAC to find out the operator availability with login and logout time.  However this feature was added on CUAC Advanced Edition version 10.5.2. It is recommended to go for an upgrade to get this feature.

Following are the reports that can be generated on version 10.5.2:

  • Incoming Calls by Date and Time System Report
  • Operator Calls by Time System Report
  • Operator Calls by Queue System Report
  • Operator Availability Report
  • Overflowed Calls By Date System Report


Operator Availability Report

The Operator Availability report shows the daily availability of one or more operators between the start
and end date. Statistics are displayed for each logged in period, with totals for each day.
Specify the following parameters before running this report:
• Operator(s)
• Start and End Date 


Field                        Description
Operator :                Logged in attendant operator's name.
Logged In  :             Times the specified operator logged in on that day.
Logged Out   :         Times the specified operator logged out on that day.
Time Logged In :      Duration of the logged in period.
Time Available:        Amount of time in the logged in period that the operator was available,
Number of Calls  :    Number of calls handled during the logged in period.
Avg Call Duration :   Average length of calls handled during the logged in period. 


You can get reports on CUAC under 'Cisco Unified Reporting'

Go to Webadmin page > Select 'Cisco Unified Reporting' from the Navigation drop-down list.

Refer this link for more information on CUAC Cisco unified Reporting -



Very helpful! We definitely need this report. Thanks

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