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9300 Application hosting Minecraft docker container


I've been following this blog about a 9300 hosting a Minecraft docker container. I'm trying this as a guide to add in my own containers.

Now, I don't have Cisco DNA Center and have been researching and doing this via command line. I've copied the 'run-opts' and the settings as far as I can tell, yet when the container starts, it'll be Running for a few seconds then hit a Stopped state. I can not for the life of me figure out why it stops. Any help resolving this is greatly appreciated.


Switch: C9300-48U

Software version: 17.02.01


Show run of app-hosting:


app-hosting appid minecraft
app-vnic AppGigabitEthernet trunk
 guest-interface 2
 vlan 300 guest-interface 0
  guest-ipaddress netmask
app-default-gateway guest-interface 0
app-device usb-port 1 usb-port-label minecraft
app-resource docker
 run-opts 1 "-e EULA=TRUE"
 run-opts 2 "-e OVERRIDE_SERVER_PROPERTIES=true"
 run-opts 3 "-e MOTD=Catalyst9300"
 run-opts 4 "-p 25565:25565"


Show run of interface AppgigabitEthernet:

interface AppGigabitEthernet1/0/1
 switchport trunk allowed vlan 300
 switchport mode trunk
 switchport app-interface


LAB-Switch#app-hosting start appid minecraft
minecraft started successfully
Current state is: RUNNING

LAB-Switch#show app-hosting list
App id                                                                  State
minecraft                                                             RUNNING

LAB-Switch#show app-hosting list
App id                                                                 State
minecraft                                                            STOPPED




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