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Cisco Prime API Filtering output

Level 1
Level 1

Hello team,

I have to get some information from lots of devices.

In this case, I need information such as ip address, device name and serial number.

When I send the request, it takes so long (we have more than 11k devices) because serial number does not appear in "data/Devices.json" 

So, I have to get a "data/InventoryDetails.json" and I am getting so much information that I don't need.

Is there any way to send the request to get only needed fileds?

In this case, should be summary and chassis information.


I attach my request.


ruta_url = "data/InventoryDetails.json"
args = {
"summary.productFamily": ['"Switches and Hubs", "Unsupported Cisco Device", "Wireless Controller"'],
".full": "true",
".maxResults": 1000
r = session.get(url_prime + ruta_url, params=args)

Then, I have to parse all that big output to get needed fields.

May I request just for mentioned fields?


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Spencer Zier
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Unfortunately no.  We investigated adding support for this, as we called it "user-defined projections".  Ultimately, there were too many impacts and issues caused by trying to support this, and only a few cases where there were noticeable improvements in API response time.


Aside from our standard recommendations for improving your API throughput, the only thing I could recommend would be putting serial numbers in a data warehouse after you've fetched them once because they won't change (unlike the configured name and management IP).  Then you can rely on GET data/Devices to fetch everything, and only query GET data/InventoryDetails when you need a serial number for a newly managed device.

Ok Spencer, thanks anyway