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Do we have the ability to create the WPA PSK key in the WLAN profile API?

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I add a wpa key to a profile and did a get profile and did not see a password keyword. Do we have the ability to create the WPA PSK key via API?



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Spencer Zier
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Because we wanted to keep the GET data/WlanTemplates resource available to non-privileged users, we did not include the key information itself in the response.  However, you should see wpaSecurityEnabled and one of the wpaAuthenticationKeyManagement response parameters showing as true (for example, wpaAuthenticationKeyManagementPsk).

The API has a very limited set of WLAN template features that it can configure when creating or updating templates.  Unfortunately, WPA security is not among them.

That said, the API can deploy WLAN templates (via PUT op/wlanProvisioning/deployTemplate) regardless of whether the template was created or updated by the UI or the API.

I hope that helps

Thanks again Spencer! Certainly the answer I was not hoping to hear. It is kind of useless to create an SSID without the PSK. The PSK=true does show. I suppose my only recourse is a cli template, yuck.

Is the only template variables we support are what's in the API docs?


Yes, the API docs (the ones available on your appliance at /webacs/api/v1) are exhaustive and authoritative on what the public API supports.  The only request parameters the API is looking for are the documented ones.