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Disabling peer Optimization on Serially Clustered inline WAEs



Cisco WAAS 4.2 adds support for high-availability clustering with inline deployment. This feature enables flexible and redundant deployment for both data center and branch offices. In a serial inline cluster, two Cisco WAAS devices are connected back to back through inline interfaces. Because of the autonegotiation capabilities inherent in Cisco WAAS, only the devices closest to the traffic endpoints participate in optimization. Serial inline clustering is designed for high-availability failover only. It is not designed to provide load balancing or a method for scaling traffic beyond the capacity of a single Cisco WAAS device. When you use serial inline clustering, each of the two Cisco WAAS devices in the cluster needs to be aware of its peer device and configured accordingly. This non-optimizing peer configuration allows the Cisco WAAS devices to disable optimization for traffic that transits only the two devices in the serial inline cluster. Traffic destined to sites with no Cisco WAAS peer device should automatically be set to Pass Through when transiting the serial inline cluster.

Network Diagram

Disabling peer optimization

When serially clustering inline WAEs, on each WAE you must configure the address of the other WAE in the cluster as a non-optimizing peer. This disables optimization between the two peer WAEs in the serial cluster, since you want optimization only between the WAE peers on each side of the WAN link. When placing multiple Cisco WAAS devices in an inline configuration, you should not place more than two devices inline on the same local segment.

To disable peer optimization between WAEs in a serial cluster, use the following command:

WAE(config) # no peer device-id <device_id> optimization enable

The device_id is a hexadecimal string (for example, d4:65:01:40:40:8a) that you can obtain with the show device-id or show hardware EXEC commands.

To disable peer optimization between WAEs in a serial cluster from the Central Manager, follow these steps:

Step 1 - From the WAAS Central Manager GUI navigation pane, choose My WAN > Manage Devices.

(You cannot configure peer settings from Device Groups.)

The Devices window appears, listing all the devices configured in the WAAS network.

Step 2   Click the Edit icon next to the device for which you want to configure the peer optimization settings. You can choose either WAE from the two that are paired as a serial cluster. The Device Dashboard window appears.

Step 3   In the navigation pane, choose Configure > Peer Settings. The Peer Settings window appears.

Step 4   Click the Select Peer triangle control to display in the lower part of the window other WAEs that are registered with this Central Manager (see the Select Peer area).

Step 5   In the Select Peer area, click the radio button next to the serial peer of the current device. The peer device name appears in the Disable Optimization With Peer field. If you need to filter the device list, enter a string in the Filter field. As you enter characters, the device list is dynamically filtered to include only devices that have the filter string in their name or hardware device ID.

Step 6   Check the Automatically Configure Peer check box to allow the Central Manager to configure the other peer with a similar setting to disable optimization with the current device.

If you do not check this box, you must manually configure the other peer to disable optimization with the current device. After you submit your changes, you can click the Switch to Peer button to go to this same configuration page for the peer device.

Step 7   In the Description field, enter a description for the peer. The default description is the device name of the peer.

Step 8   Click Submit.

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