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Installing Cisco Process Orchestrator 3.0


Hey all,

 Please find some webex recordings of myself doing a main node/new install of CPO 3.0 and an install where I add a new node to a CPO 3.0 cluster.



Let me know if there are any questions.... ENJOY!


Hello, I know that it is recommended that the CPO database be installed on a separate server but my 2.3 database is so small (< 6GB) I am wondering if I can get away with having it on the same server as 3.0.



Cisco Employee

Hey MJ!

 You mean to have the DB on the same server as the CPO server? You can, although it is not "best practice" for a production setup and you could lose some overall processing power because of it.


Also, since CPO 3.0 runs in a noded cluster model you would want to setup a couple of CPO app servers in a cluster instead of just one I think. (To get the true extra power out of 3.0)

Happy to chat with you in a quick webex or phone call if you like before you make your requests for boxes/etc.



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