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Intersight Automated HyperFlex Deployment with Ansible


Intersight Ansible Overview and HyperFlex Deployment Examples

This document provides an overview of the Cisco Intersight Ansible modules which include a complete example of automating HyperFlex cluster deployment.  For general information on Intersight, visit Cisco Intersight - Cisco

HyperFlex Edge Deployment Demo

  • View the video demo of automated HyperFlex Edge deployment with Ansible for an overview of how Ansible can be used to perform complete configuration of multiple HyperFlex Edge clusters in parallel.
  • Note that HyperFlex Edge deployment can be done with a Base Intersight license, but HyperFlex Edge policy visibility and many other Intersight features may require an Intersight Essentials license.  More information on Intersight licensing can be found on the Intersight Licensing page.

Intersight Ansible Modules

  • Visit for detailed install and usage instructions.
  • The GitHub pages have usage instructions including example inventory, group/host variable definitions, and complete playbooks for HyperFlex Edge deployment.  Once Intersight Ansible modules are installed, you can customize variables for your deployment environment and run playbooks to configure policies, profiles, and perform other actions in Intersight:

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 2.24.50 PM.png

  • The Ansible modules and all other Intersight API programming tools can be used in the DevNet Intersight Sandbox.  The DevNet Sandbox can be used to create an Intersight account and interact with emulated UCS Hardware.
  • Additional information on Intersight programmability and automation can be found on the Intersight DevNet langing page:
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