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MAC Sync feature in UCS 1.4.1



This  white paper will guide the user through the  verification of the MAC-SYNC feature  introduced in UCS 1.4.1. MAC-SYNC is on by default so there is nothing to do other than verify that it is working. Currently UCS provides a hardware failover mechanism for NICs called hardware failover. The problem today is that when there is an upstream network outage, the hardware does indeed failover to the alternate path, but assumes that enough traffic is passing from a VM that it will cause the MAC tables to get updated letting the switches know there is now a new path to the NIC. To fix this problem MAC-SYNC function has been introduced in the 1.4.1 code of UCSM

The paper gives a description of the problem that led to MAC-SYNC and shows the issue with UCS 1.3.1 code and then shows the feature working in 1.4.1 code. Please provide feedback and comments to help me create better guides in the future.

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