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Nexus 1000v Port-Channel Best Practices




The Nexus 1000v requires port-channels for port-profiles containing more than one interface per host. This document describes best practices for deploying port-channels on N1k. In Nexus 1000v the Virtual Supervisor Module (VSM) manages the Cisco Nexus 1000V Series switch VEMs. The Virtual Ethernet Module (VEM) executes inside the Cisco Nexus 1000V Series switch hypervisor.

Note: Please let me know if your topology is not covered by the examples in this document.



Understanding of Nexus 1000v and Port-channel basics.


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Community Member

A very useful document but misses off the topology of a rack mount server connecting to a single upstream switch. I assume from other cisco documentation that in this scenario you should just use:

channel-group auto mode on

but it would be good to get clarification on that.



Cisco Employee

Hello Michael,

For a host connected to a single upstream swith you can use any method - mode on, lacp or mac-pinning.  LACP would be considered best-practice.  It was not included in the document as having a single upstream switch is a single point of failure.  I will add this to the next revision.



Great doc!

Would be nice to examples of N1k <-> Dell/HP blade chassis and B22 FEX blades.
My guess would be LACP in 1000v / enhanced vPC + LACP in N5k/N7k?


I want fex and portchannel number to be the same (for easier troubleshooting). Is there a possibility to "block" po1+2", that these two numbers are not use in auto mode?

Cisco Employee

Hello T.Kraemer,

So you would like PO numbers to begin at 3?  You could simply:

int po 1


int po 2


which will result in PO3 as the first port-channel.

Or if you wish to predefine the port-channels, then do the following before adding the host to N1k dvs.

vem 7

  host vmware id b0e12784-911d-11df-2000-000000000004   <----esxcfg-info | grep "BIOS UUID"  or vemcmd show card

int po 102

inherit port-profile system-uplink

vem 7

--> Add the host to N1k now.

# sh port-chan summary | inc 102

102   Po102(SU)   Eth      NONE      Eth7/2(P) 


Hi Matthew,

when I shut down the first 2 portchannels and a host is added through vcenter, the next unused portchannel will be used?

That would be great!

Cisco Employee

That is correct.

Community Member

5 stars.  Awesome.  Any updates planned or required for this doc?  Thanks!