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Out-of-box Service Content for Prime Service Catalog 10.0 R2


Attached are two Catalog Deployer packages that you can load into a Cisco Prime Service Catalog 10.0 R2 instance that you have installed using the installer.  If you had picked up the virtual appliance, these content are already package as part of the appliance, and available as soon as you boot it up.

However, if you had installed the service catalog using the installer, you will need to import these content using Catalog Deployer and deploy them to the instance.


If you don't see the services after you have deployed the content to your instance, verify in your Service Designer module, Extension tab that the Showcase extensions have been configured as below



Where would one be able to pickup a virtual machine for this? Just exploring BSS/OSS stuff for customers and this would be great for large enterprise customers


You can download and install Prime Service Catalog 10.1, which provides an option to install the "ITaaS storefront content" as part of the install.  Then you would be able to get these content without running Catalog Deployer import.


Prime Service Catalog 10.1 does not have a virtual appliance, but the upcoming version 11.0 will.  Given the lifecycle of the versions, I would encourage you to start with Prime Service Catalog 10.1 today, rather than 10.0r2.


Thanks very much for the quick response.