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TIDAL Playbook - Monitoring Files on Remote FTP Servers.doc


Shows step by step how to set up jobs to monitor files on remote FTP servers

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Please send me the detailed step-by-step Job setup for the job's that is working for you(being skipped instead of completing Abnormally) when the File isn't there yet on the FTP server. 

Sorry to say the '81847-TIDAL Playbook - Monitoring Files on Remote FTP Servers' did not completely suffice my requirements OR I may not quite be following the steps laid out in the Playbook.

So, my requirement is-

I have 2 job groups - Check_FTP_Files (lets call it 'A') & Process_FTP_Files (lets call it 'B')

1. 'A' checks for *abcd*.txt files several times a day (6 am, 6pm and 11pm) and should keep checking every 5 minutes...for upto 30 minutes only.

2. If File is not there within the 30 minute time window(6:30am, 6:30pm and 11:30 pm) send out an email notification and set 'B' group to 'Skipped' OR 'Completed Normally' (skipped preferred)

3. If File is there...within the 30 minute Window, 'A' group completes Normally & 'B' group (A's successor starts processing.

Thanks a lot and I really appreciate any help I can get.

Lumi Mihalcea


I put together a doc with screenshots of one of my processes, maybe the visual will help. Let me know.

Lumi Mihalcea

I forgot to mentioned one thing: if group A, which retrieves the file, completes normally then insert the group which will process the file - add an event to insert only on normal completion; that way if the group does not find the file and status is set to Skipped, the ftp group will not run.

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