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UCS: Getting Error Message "Management Interface on Fabric Interconnect is Down"



In a UCS system each fault represents a failure in the Cisco UCS instance or an alarm threshold that has been raised. Each fault includes information about the operational state of the affected object at the time the fault was raised. If the fault is transitional and the failure is resolved, then the object transitions to a functional state. You can view all faults in the Cisco UCS instance from either the Cisco UCS Manager CLI or the Cisco UCS Manager GUI. You can also configure the fault collection policy to determine how a Cisco UCS instance collects and retains faults. All Cisco UCS faults can be trapped by SNMP.



User is getting following error


Severity: Major
Code: F0736
Last Transition Time: 2013-07-31T13:22:43.322
ID: 590273
Status: None
Description: Management interface on Fabric Interconnect B is down
Affected Object: sys/switch-B/extmgmt-intf
Name: Extmgmt If Mgmtifdown
Cause: Mgmtif Down
Type: Management
Acknowledged: No    
Occurrences: 1
Creation Time: 2013-07-31T13:22:43.322
Original Severity: Major
Previous Severity: Major
Highest Severity: Major






As per Cisco UCS Faults and Error Messages Reference.




Management interface on Fabric Interconnect [id] is [operState]



This fault occurs when a fabric interconnect reports that the operational state of an external management interface is down.


Recommended Action

If you see this fault, take the following actions:


Step 1 - Check the state transitions of the external management interface on the fabric interconnect.

Step 2 - Check the link connectivity for the external management interface.

Step 3 - If the above actions did not resolve the issue, create a show tech-support file and contact Cisco TAC.


This message usually appears when the Management interface os the FI is not able to reach the default gateway. The default Management Interface Monitoring policy tries to ping the default gateway and if its unable to do so, that fault will remain.



To remedy this error either correctly configure the default gateway or disable the Management Interface Monitoring policy.

Severity: major 

Cause: mgmtif-down

mibFaultCode: 736 

mibFaultName: fltExtmgmtIfMgmtifdown 

moClass: extmgmt:If 

Type: management



Cisco UCS Faults and Error Messages Reference

Strange error message

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