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UCS vNIC/vHBA Statistics PowerShell Script


This script will provide Bandwidth information for all the vNICs/vHBAs on Service Profiles in your UCS Domains
     The bandwidth is a 30 second snapshot

The script allows you to log into a single or multiple UCS domains

The script allows you to report on single, multiple or all associated Service Profiles in your UCS Domains

It will check that the Collection Policies of your UCS Domains are set correctly and correct them if necessary
     The settings will be:
          Collection Interval: 30 seconds
          Reporting Interval: 2 minutes

The script will write the output to the screen and a Microsoft Word document
     The file will be saved in the directory: $PSScriptRoot

Prerequisites for this script are:
     PowerShell must be enabled on your client computer. - set-executionpolicy unrestricted -force
     You must be running PowerShell version 3 or above
     You must download and install Cisco PowerTool for PowerShell from
          A CCO Login is required
     You must be network connected and have reachability via SSL TCP Port 443 to your Cisco UCS Domains
     You must have a login into your UCSM domains
     You must have Microsoft Word installed on the client machine


     v0.1.02 - Initial Posted Version

     v0.1.03 - Added built in help.  Command line options.  Standard naming convention.

     v0.1.04 - Added support for rack servers.  Added support for the reporting of vHBA statistics.  Updated some of the output format.

     v0.1.05 - Added full command line support.  Now support secure credentials file.

As always, let me know if you have any questions, problems or suggestions!


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