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Initial FEX / Nexus 2000 configuration


(view in My Videos)

This video will guide you step by step into the initial FEX (Fabric EXtender) configuration.


Does adding a FEX to the 5K interupt traffic or cause any service issues?

Chris, adding a FEX to a 5K does not cause any service issue.


Hi Lucien

Is it possible to have the ports on the FEX in different VDCs or must they all belong to the same VDC?

5Ks have only 1 VDC.


Sorry I meant a 2248TP connected to a 7K.

I am also trying to create a vPC on the downlink ports of the FEX. From the documentation I see its possible on the 5K. Is this possible on the 7K also? I am using version 5.1(2).

N7K-1# int eth101/1/13

N7K-1(config-if)# channel-group 50

channel-group not supported for interface type


Hi Lucien:

for example f I want to connect one host to one port in a nexus 2 K for example in port 117/1/1 and the another host in port 117/1/48.  This Nexus 2K has 2 uplink to tow nexus 5K different, everythings is inside a vPC between the two nexus 5k. I configured the ports access on 2248 like tradicionally access port en catalyst switch but it does not work. Can you tell me if is correct or not ?

The only way that I can do that it´s working  it was:

I configured a portchannel 1 inside de eth 117/1/1 and another portchannel 2 in eth 117/1/48. After that inside the portchannel I configured like access port and I assigned  the vlan. then I checked the sh run int eth 117/1/1 or 48 and Automatically was assigned to the vlan that I configured inside the portchannel. It was the only way to bring up the acces port on nexus 2248 and have connectivity between host.

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