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Campaign Status API Questions

Hello there.


We are trying to throttle the dialer ports automatically without having to make adjustments in the configuration manager. We do not know how to stop and start the campaign without using the configuration manager, is there an API? We know how to make the adjustments within the database but we do not know how to refresh the campaign so it reads in those database changes. Basically after we click save in the campaign manager we would like to know what it is doing to that campaign so that it is updated with the new changes.


Thank you,



Anybody have thoughts on this?

Thank you in advance.

Cisco Employee

Outbound Option API was added in 11.5. Check it out. It has some caveats. It doesn't blend well with the config added by the legacy config tools.

The other option isn't an API per se, but the use of the admin script to set the outbound variables for campaign skill groups in an admin script in Script Editor. Setting the mode to INBOUND disables the campaign. Setting the OutboundPercentage to zero also disables the campaign. Some people play with setting the outbound percentage based on certain variables like


Thanks for your help, we will review and see if we have more questions!


After reviewing, we have some additional questions:


We are using UCCE version 10.5. We are trying to programmatically disable the campaign and not have to use a tool like Script Editor or Campaign Manager. Below are a couple of additional questions I have.



Do you know what database the Script Editor sends the information to for setting the mode to INBOUND or for setting the OutboundPercentage to zero?



If we update the database tables with the data we want and start the campaign, does the campaign read in the data from the table or does it run off of another pre-configured location? Meaning the database is just a snapshot of the campaigns current configuration?



It's not supported to write to the local Logger Side A database. It would break the database integrity of the system. It wouldn't be read by campaign manager unless the Router was restarted, and it wouldn't be propagated out.

There is no direct API to enable/disable campaigns prior to v11.5.

It would be better to look at the application gateway (GED145) interface or SQL gateway (DB Lookup) to pull in information from an external source to populate the campaign mode. This would give the customer the ability to program their campaigns from an external application.


Thanks again for the information. I found this earlier today:


Can you point me to information that would elaborate more on the GED145 interface and SQL gateway when it comes to populating the campaign mode? Any information that goes into detail or gives examples on programing campaigns from an external application would be helpful.


For information about how to set the campaign mode via Admin Scripts in script editor, look at the Cisco UCCE Outbound Option Guide on - Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise - End-User Guides - Cisco

You can find some details on how to plan for Application Gateway and SQL Gateway in the Planning Guide.

Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise - Install and Upgrade Guides - Cisco

You can find a brief example of how to setup Db Lookup via SQL Gateway here:

ICM DBLookup Function Configuration Example - Cisco

I think than DB Lookup is an easier setup than Application Gateway because it doesn't require coding against the Application Gateway interface..

Note, that we expect the custom DB to be off on its own server (not shared with other CCE components), and we expect the DB to MS Sql Server.

Either way, which ever integration you choose, DB Lookup and the App Gateway Request basically both provide a scripting node to request information from their external source. The admin script can be schedule to run once a minute, and hour, or a day. So it's basically querying for a change in status and can use this to set the campaign mode from Inbound (closed) to predictive, progressive, or preview. But see the Outbound Option Guide for details and examples on scripting syntax.

Also reference the Scripting and Media Routing Guide for details on scripting from here - Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise - End-User Guides - Cisco


Thanks again, we will review the guides and get back to you with questions.


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