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Service Now integration with Cisco

Greetings, We have Cisco standalone servers and Cisco UCS B series servers that currently getting discovered in servicenow CMDB. We would like to see warranty information of servers in servicenow. Is there something that can pull warranty information...

sami.khan by Beginner
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I am getting a 403 forbidden error trying to access - is this typically an issue with my CCO account missing some permissions?

at7371pag by Beginner
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Resolved! API Authentification

I'm attempting to set up a connection to Stealthwatch via an SSIS c# script. The following fails on the last line with message "The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel." The curl com...

integrationTags in webex interface

Hi,The problem is that we want to schedule a webinar from the webex interface but send invitations from the service API and we need additional information to put in the webinar (like an ID from our DB). I would like to clarify if integrationTags (whe...

ebalteas by Beginner
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Error in Fetching Access Token, Invalid client

I have tried fetching it by every possible way shared in the documentation. Still not able to solve it.  {"message": "POST failed: HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request (url =, request/response TrackingId...

use API Console to find os versions

Hello,I want to retrieve information about os versions for example Series Release Date.when I connect to [ , I am offered 4API:-Cisco On Demand CHIDS API-Cisco PSIRT openVuln API-Hello API-HelloCommerce APIth...

PSS API Access

Hello! I want to access the Cisco PSS API. PSS API Developer's Guide ( Previously it was possible to create a Case for Accessing the API Request access to the PSS APIs - Cisco Community but this is no longer possible. I tried to access the ...

Product Information API returning incorrect results

We are attempting to look up product information, and are getting back incorrect results.  For example, when looking up the PID WS-X45-SUP8-E, we get back one correct result, the 4500 SUP8, and three incorrect results, 4300 ISR routers.  The query we...

haslettj by Enthusiast
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Product Information API: incorrect results for PID

Hello, I queried the Product Information API by using Cisco PIDs to get detailed information. The request was successful, but wondering about the result. For PID 'CTS-KIT_MINI=' I got three records with different product_names and product_series. Why...

gadholwi1 by Beginner
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SN2INFO API giving 403 Forbidden after some time

I am doing a weekly data refresh on about 40000 serial numbers with the SN2Info API. Initially when I setup this weekly data refresh it was working fine. Now I am getting timeouts on every 3-5 requests, each request contains 50 serial numbers. I have...

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