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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The #DevNet Zone is only a couple of weeks away, and we're hard at work finalizing all of the content, schedules, and, um, beer [1]!

If you didn't know already, I manage the DevNet Learning Labs system, and so wanted to update you on the new and updated learning tools that we're rolling out for CLUS.

New learning tracks:

* Cloud Native Applications: You can learn about how to use Shipped and Mantl to build apps designed for the cloud.

* UCS Compute Programmability: Learn about UCS PowerTool and Python SDK for automating infrastructure tasks.

* Expose, Compose and Govern Digital Assets with REST APIs: Learn about the Cisco Automation and Integration Platform enables organizations to expose, compose, and govern digital assets quickly and with simplicity to integrate and automate their business processes for both internal and partner use.

New tutorials:

* Finesse: Learn the basic Finesse User REST APIs and with XMPP Events

* Mantl: Learn the details of how to deploy an app into Mantl infrastructure.

* Meraki: The purpose of this learning lab is to build a splash page with authentication

* Networking 102: Learn about the various network topologies, cabling and communication models.

* Networking 103: Learn about IPv4 addresses, models, subnets and subnetting

* UCS PowerTool Introduction: Learn to use UCS PowerTool to automate compute infrastructure tasks with this introduction labs

* UCS Python SDK Introduction: Learn to use UCS Python SDK to automate compute infrastructure tasks with this introduction labs

* YANG 103 (YDK): Learn the basics of how YDK simplifies leveraging a NETCONF API modeled in YANG

We've also updated many other tutorials:

* APIC-EM Basics

* APIC-EM Policy

* NETCONF 101, 102, 103

* pxGrid

* RESTCONF 101, 102, 103

* Shipped

* YANG 101 & 102

Also, we haven't advertised this widely, but a lot of this content is in our GitHub repo.  You're welcome submit a pull request if you find errors or want to make enhancements that.

We hope you enjoy all of these new learning materials.  If you're attending CLUS-Vegas, please flag me down to say "Hi"!  I'd love to talk with you.

1. Happy Hour Monday-Wednesday at 4PM; including dualing pianos!

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