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Level 5
Level 5

Want to learn about the new hot Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA)?  DevNet has released a new learning track called DevNet Express for DNA which is freely available, as are all DevNet tracks, for you to learn more.  This learning track contains ten modules that are composed of thirty-two labs for your learning pleasure.

As always you work at your own pace, and there is sample code with exercises for you to do hands-on learning.  You’ll learn about DNA, then dive into its components learning about their concepts, APIs and as always you’ll have the opportunity to write and run code.  Most of the currently available modules are listed below.

We recommend that you work through these modules in the order given, especially the first four, as they cover the fundamentals of setting up your system, DNA concepts as well as REST and coding fundamentals.  As with all of the over one hundred DevNet labs, there is nothing to purchase to start and complete the labs.  All that you need is a Cisco CCO ID which can be freely obtained by going to and clicking on the Register link.

Once you have your CCO ID, you can get started at the DevNet DNA Learning Track.

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