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Always-on collaboration labs

How do I find the always-on labs for call control, unity, etc.   I don't see how to access them


Hello dakroger-

You can find these labs in our lab catalog, however we are currently working on some maintenance so the lab catalog will be down until tomorrow at 8am CST. After that, check in by vising this page:

Cisco DevNet: Sandbox

Then click the "Go to the Labs" button to get connected. You should see our lab catalog. On the right side you can sort by collaboration. Then look for labs that say "always-on." Please let us know if you have any questions about any always-on labs!




Please select the Collab Endpoint lab from the Sandbox Catalog. This is the always on Collaboration sandbox. It allows you to remotely register a number of Cisco UC endpoints using VPN and Expressway.

you need to reserve the labs for the default of 2 hours. This is necessary to activate the various scripts that will generate the endpoint you choose. The lab reservation will only run for 15 minutes however. Within that time, you can generate unique devices/credentials for the endpoint of your choosing (use the commands on the RHS of the portal page). If you need to generate more, just reserve the topology again for the default two hours and repeat.

Once your device is generated, you will receive an email with connection details (VPN and Expressway) and details of your device for registration. You can then register that device with the Sandbox for all time. There is no need to create a new reservation or go through the portal. That device is now created on the sandbox call manager and it can be registered at any time. In that way, the sandbox is always on.

If you have any more questions, please let us know,

Joe Kearns

jokearns, Collab Endpoint sandbox features CUCM 10.5.

Is there an always-on sandbox with CUCM 11 available?

Hi Eugene,

We will be upgrading the Collaboration Endpoint to the latest FCS versions of CUCM and CUP in the coming weeks.

We will make an announcement to the forums when this is done



Thank you for the answer jokearns.

I have more questions:

  1. VPN connection credentials I received in my email are not working (see screenshot).
  2. In the 'Instructions' window, the Overview tab mentions hardware VPN as one of the connection options, but the VPN tab contains instruction for AnyConnect only. To configure an Easy VPN tunnel, I believe, I need more parameters, including tunnel group name and key. These were not mentioned in the email I received.

Hey Eugene,

Can you send me your Sandbox username and I can check your credentials? Also, what version of Anyconnect are you using?

We can supply HW VPN instructions if you already have a router? We will be populating the instructions area with more content around that soon.


My username is eugroshev and I'm using AnyConnect 2.5.3055

Getting some HW VPN guidance would be great - I'm using a Cisco 881 router running IOS 15.2. Thanks!


I just checked your credentials and they work successfully. What version of the Anyconnect client are you using and what OS?

One of my colleagues, Jacob Adams, can help you with the HW VPN. I can loop him into this thread.


After updating AnyConnect to the version available from Sandbox website, it now works. Thanks!

jacoadam, looking forward to hearing from regarding the HW VPN.

jokearns, yet another question - is it correct, that Collab Endpoint lab allows connecting even when there is no reservation?

My idea is to set up a site-to-site VPN using the router, and then connect an IPDECT base station to it. That base station will then register the phone at the sanbox's CUCM instance.


Good to hear the Anyconnect works now.

That is correct. you only need to "reserve" initially in order to create your devices. Once these devices and your VPN access are created, you can then access the sandbox and register your device for all time. there is no need to access the portal. you only need to reserve again if you need to create a new device.

We use EzVPN configuration on the router to connect back to the sandbox but the principal is the same. What endpoint do you intend to register?


Thanks for the clarifications Joe!

I plan to connect an IP-DECT base station developed by my company.


Hello Eugene!

Thanks for the reply! I will help you connect your HW VPN router to the sandbox. I will be sending you an email directly which contains the configuration file and how to get it connected to the sandbox. I will send it to the email associated to your Sandbox account.


Thanks Jacob!

Looking forward to your email.


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