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Wrong credentials for APIC-EM__GA_HW-MiniLab-1_Reservation?

Sorry again for this Sandbox newbie question: I have made a reservation for APIC-EM__GA_HW-MiniLab-1 and I could connect via VPN. Also the SSH connection to the APIC-EM machine works fine. However, I cannot log in to any of the other elements: the login credentials found in the resource attributes tab seems to be wrong.

Even for the APIC-EM module, the login credentials in the resource attributes tab seem to be wrong. The instructions say that the credentials are grapevine/Grapevine1 but in the resource attributes tab I find loginUser=grapevine and loginPassword=grapevine, instead of Grapevine1.

I assume that also the loginPassword resource attributes of all other machines in the topology are wrong. Where do I get the correct ones from?

Or: is there any other way to get the SNMP credentials from the devices, so I can do more than only discovering IP addresses in the APIC-EM? Any address the APIC-EM finds (via ping, I guess) is marked with a status of "Unreachable" (probably, because no SNMP connection is possible, I guess).



Cisco Employee

to login to apic-em via ssh you can use grapevine/Grapevine1.

to login to apic-em via UI you can use admin/1vtG@lw@y

to login to the network devices you need to reference the Lab Architecture Diagram and network element information in the sandbox tile of your reserved lab.

BTW, you ended your reservation just now.


By "network element information in the sandbox tile of your reserved lab." are you referring to the "Attributes" information I get, when I click on the corresponding icon of the network element? If so, the login credentials I have found there seem to be wrong.

I thought, I try with a different lab. That is, why I have ended APIC-EM__GA_HW-MiniLab-1_Reservation and I have reserved A<>PIC-EM__GA_HW-MiniLab-2 instead. If I encounter the same problem again (in about 20 minutes), can you please help me again?


Now I have connected to APIC-EM__GA_HW-MiniLab-2. Here, the documentation of the "Resource Attributes" seems to be much better: the SSH credentials for all network elements have worked (admin:1vtG@lw@y). However, the SSH credentials of the RHEL system seems to be wrong:


Is this the only source of information about the SSH credentials, or are there different, more reliable ones available?

In any case, I have succeeded to perform my first successful network discovery using the APIC-EM:



BTW: I always get a message "Your content could not be saved due to an error. You may have been logged out. If this problem persists please contact your system administrator. Click here to refresh this page.", when I try to add a reply here in this discussion forum. The only workaround is to answer your email, and edit the message afterwards. I am logged in, so this is not causing the problem. Even after log out and log in, the problem persists.