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How to disassociate cisco id with previous company?


I associated my personal account (CCOID) with my corporate account (Company Partner), this has been a problem for me, suddenly someone knows what I should do to unlink it?, I opened a support case with Cisco but I have been waiting for a response from 4 days and nothing, thanks.


Edson A. Hernandez
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you've been waiting for a response from Cisco's support team for several days. Depending on the complexity of your issue and the volume of support requests they receive, it's possible that it may take some time to receive a response.

In the meantime, you could try contacting Cisco's support team again to follow up on your case and inquire about the status of your request. You may also want to check if there are any updates or announcements on the Cisco support website or social media accounts that could provide insight into potential delays or issues.

If you're still having trouble getting a response from Cisco's support team, you could also try reaching out to them through other channels such as phone or live chat.

It's important to note that depending on the specific product or service you're using, there may be certain restrictions or limitations on unlinking accounts. The support team will be able to provide you with guidance on what is possible and how to proceed.

Hi Edward,

Have you tried to use the following link:

Once you are logged in you have to select the Partner Self Service portal, not sure if the former company is a Cisco partner but you can see some options on this section.

Other way is to request assistance to the former company to remove your Cisco ID from its portal. 

Please let me know if the first option shows you any option to remove your Cisco ID.

Best regards, 

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Hi Julio, Three days ago I tried to disassociate the domain of the company from PSS (Partner Self service Portal), indeed the option to remove appeared. But right now if I try to login, it keeps federating me with the company's domain, it's as if that remove option hadn't done something.

Additionally, in the administration part of the Profile (, the CCOID continues to appear associated with the corporate account.

A few minutes ago I got a response from Cisco support, and I can't believe it:

This is what we can do, we recommend you create a new profile, in order for you to do that we will need to deactivate the current profile to free up the email address <> once deactivated you will be able to create a new profile.

Please note that a username is automatically chosen by the system and it will not always be the same email and unfortunately you won't be able to choose it, most usernames will be presented differently from now on, it can actually be random numbers and letters.

Remember that after April 16th, 2021 the Cisco accounts are not able to login with the CCO ID, you have to login using the email address linked to your account.

Let us know how you want us to proceed and if you want us to deactivate the profile, please confirm the following:

Related to your request to deactivate your account please note, once this account is deactivated, you will no longer be able to login to some Cisco accounts (such as the NetAcad/Meraki account if you have any), as you need a account for the Cisco Single Sign On process. You will also be unable to access technical support for Cisco products/services including old cases, software download, access to Cisco communities etc.

Also, We recommend our customers to have one personal account link to your Certifications and a business account for your Company to avoid future inconvenience.

---> I can't believe that Cisco has enabled the option to associate a CCOID with a company, thinking that it will last a lifetime in that company.

Hi @Edward3

Did you resolve this issue? IMO this situation is so annoying, Cisco expects we stay in the same company our entire life??? 

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