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Automate creating text resources

Hi, I want to create a message disclaimer text resource. I was hoping to avoid all the input prompts and have it automated using a script. I was trying out combinations of commands but they all say too many arguments for some reason.

footer.txt was the resource i was trying to import. Contents of footer.txt - 




I first SCPed  footer.txt file to configuration directory to be able to run the following command. This didn't work - 

echo "textconfig import \"Message Disclaimer\" \"Test 1\" footer.txt US-ASCII" | ssh user@host
Invalid arguments when processing textconfig:
textconfig: too many arguments.

Then i tried to do it all on the console. Something like this - 

echo "textconfig new \"Message Disclaimer\" \"Test 1\" \"US-ASCII\" \"<br>hi.\" 1" | ssh user@host
Invalid arguments when processing textconfig:
Unknown option: new

The last argument in the command above i.e "1" is the answer to this input - 

1. Use the auto-generated plain text version
2. Enter a different plain text version

Please note all the arguments in echo are simply the inputs we're required to fill in for setting up a text resource interactively.


Reference -


The above commands fail, however I am able to list the existing resources so I'm guessing batch commands are allowed for textconfig. The following command works -

echo "textconfig list" | ssh user@host

I get a new request to add in resources on a weekly basis so I'm hoping for an automated way to do this. Really appreciate any help.


Thanks in advance



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