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Boosting work queue ESA

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anyone have a workaround to boosting Active Messages in Work Queue.  
i do adjust some rule policy where email drop not scan by antivirus so it direcly drop. but its not enough so i need some workaround to boosting my work queue.
BTW my cpu utilization is still low, so if i change Maximum Concurrent Connections, is there any effect to working queue?




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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The approach always depends on which engine causes workqueue to build. At times this might be shown under "workqueue status" output, but there may be situations when this info is not visible.

TAC has ways to gather more info about engines that may be causing issues via tunnel access. However once there is an identification, message filters can be used to drop emails or skip engines based on required conditions to clear up the workqueue.

It wont be effective in every situation, but it surely can help. If you increase the maximum concurrent connections, it gives room to senders to inject more emails via parallel connections (which ofcourse depends on mail flow policy settings too). It's hard to say, but it can influence the workqueue build up if too many connections are accepted as result of the change.

thanks for answering.

We currently use massage filtering to discard certain emails and bypass the scanning process for some email. However, I am keen to explore whether there is a way to optimize our existing system, as we still have available CPU resources. Is there a method to boost or allocate additional sessions for email scanning to enhance speed?

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