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Can I password protect attachment to prevent incorrect encryption?

I have a tech support case open with a company and in one of our correspondence, I had to get the vmware logs for a particular virtual machine.  I zipped up 7 log files using winrar (saved in zip format), attached it and sent it off.  Of course I get a bounce back that says it was sent encrypted due to ABANumbers policy.  ABA numbers???!!!  WHAT? 

Anyway I have a code to override it  (we use a subject tag that will ensure e-mail is not encrypted for these situations).  So I was able to send it out again.  But this got me thinking.  If I would of password protected the archive itself, IronPort C160 wouldn't of been able to open it and INCORRECTLY read text based log files thinking it was aba numbers, correct?

The reason I didn't want this encrypted is because

1) it goes to a generic e-mail support box for the company.  THEY route it based on the ticket ID in the subject.  if it sent to a, what rep is going to know the CRES password, or take the time to create one and share it with hundreds of other support reps?

2) theres no increminating data.  No ABA numbers, no bank account numbers, etc..  Its bull- that it was detected as such. 


The only solution I have found for this to work reliably is to add a bypass PXE encryption policy above all other policies and then add the domain of the recipient company to this list. You will then need to disable the PXE encryption for this outbound policy.


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