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Cisco ESA many Messages in Work Queue

Hi everyone,

in "Messages in Work Queue" I have many posts in place by a few hours.
There is a command to force the emptying?

Thank you all.

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You can use the following command to empty queue:

resetqueue , but all the mail in the working queue will be deleted.

Or you can use: deleterecipients and choose what to delete, for example any problematic email.

(You can remove messages from your email queue,
selecting Recipient Host, Envelope Recipient,
or All messages using the deleterecipients
command from the CLI.

Mathew Huynh
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello SDA team,

For issues with workqueue (you can confirm if it's work queue for delivery queue) you will need to find out what types of emails are currently impacting the workqueue.

Generally engaging Cisco TAC with a support case is the suggested action, else you can check the workqueue status with

status detail

The system status, if it's paused on workqueue: (service name)

Initial troubleshooting step is updatenow force

After which monitor.

If you looked at the queue numbers and see it's stuck in Active Recipients queue, then this is a delivery queue problem where you can clear the queues with  a combination of showrecipients and deleterecipients command.

If it's indeed the workqueue, you need to find out what types of emails are being injected in or has been injected from what sender and subject.

I would suggest the use of two commands

grep -i "ready" mail_logs

Look for a common sender that can see is problematic, grep out that MID in question and put in a message filter to remove these emails

else use the grep -i "MID.*subject" mail_logs and look at the subject lines and check if there is a common subject, and again use a message filter to remove them

resetqueue should be a last option as it will clear out all emails in the queues and quarantines.

Attached is a detailed article on correcting this as well and highly suggested to review:



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Level 1

If you had a configuration problem, you could push those emails out by running the 'deliverynow' command.

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