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CRES guaranteed recall?

Hi everyone I hope you can assist me here,


we have been utilising CRES for several years successfully using the content filter option for activating the option for senders, however I have been asked about the functionality that is mentioned in the blurb on the main page for CRES.

Enhanced email controls

Cisco Registered Envelope Service gives senders full control to terminate or recall emails and know exactly when an email was opened.

  • Read receipt: When a recipient successfully authenticates and receives the encryption key to decrypt the message, the Registered Envelope Service delivers a read receipt to the sender in seconds.
  • Guaranteed message recall: By selecting the recall option, the key to decrypt the data expires and makes it impossible to access the message.
  • Message expiration: Set an expiration date before sending a message, at which time that message is terminated. After the expiration date, the information becomes inaccessible.
  • Control over responses: Forward, Reply, and Reply All can be selected or disabled only if your company authorizes it.


Whenever anyone attempts to recall a sent message a new registered envelope is created for the message recall communication and nothing else occurs, is there a supported configuration guide for this functionality? There is literally no mention of it anywhere in any of the documentation for CRES.




Hi Richard,


re : Guaranteed message recall: By selecting the recall option, the key to decrypt the data expires and makes it impossible to access the message.


when we tested this feature we came to the following conclusion:


a) internal user sends the message but recipient did not open it yet

b) internal user recalls that message which invalid's the previous per message encryption key

c) external user can from that moment on no longer open the message as it was recalled but the message was still there could just no longer be opened with CRES.


I hope this helps



thanks Marc,

yes as I understood it that is exactly how I would expect it to work, however; in practice this is not occurring, the key is not made invalid and the email can still be opened all that occurs it that another secure envelope is created the recall is being processed as an email in its own right, so I am just trying to figure out why this is happening.

Somehow the recall message is being picked up by the filter which would seem possible but how do I prevent this from occurring,
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