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Custom User Role to Only Allow Blacklisting of Emails

I am looking for a way to allow a custom user role to only have access to Blacklist Emails. Is this possible without allowing full access to Mail Policies and Content Filters.

For example we have a Mail Policy that blacklists emails based on sender. When I assign say our custom helpdesk role the ability to "View Assigned, Edit Assigned" and then add the blacklist policy to that helpdesk role, that group can view the Blacklist Email Policy but not edit it. Thus far the only way I can get edit rights is to grant View all, Edit all rights.



Cisco Employee

Re: Custom User Role to Only Allow Blacklisting of Emails

Hey November,

Not the reply you're probably looking for but this is as per design of the Assigned Privileges feature at this stage as covered in the user guide provided at the end of this message.

There has been an enhancement request put forward for this at this stage, however there's no ETA that we can disclose on this:

View assigned, edit assigned: Delegated administrators can view and edit the mail policies and content filters assigned to the custom user role and create new content filters. Delegated administrators can edit a policy’s Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, and Outbreak Filters settings. They can enable their content filters for the policy, as well as disable any existing content filter assigned to the policy, regardless of whether they are responsible for it. Delegated administrators cannot modify a mail policy’s name or its senders, recipients, or groups. Delegated administrators can modify the order of the content filters for mail policies assigned to their custom user role.


Re: Custom User Role to Only Allow Blacklisting of Emails

You're right, not what I was hoping to hear. But thank you for the definitive and quick response.