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Drop incoming mail from specific domain.

Is this possible and if so how do I configure?

I want to be able to drop incoming mail from, lets say, "".  Is there a way to do this?  I have created an "Incoming Mail Policy" but don't know where to apply it.

What I've tried that has not worked ....

Incoming Content Filters, created a filter with Condition of "mail-from = = ""$", and an action of "Drop".

HAT Overview, creating a Sender Group using Mail Flow Policy "BLOCKED" setting SBRS to various settings including "None".

I've grown exhausted reading through manuals. If you know of a document that directly addresses this issue (assuming it's possible) I'm not opposed to reading it.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Jim Mc.


Drop incoming mail from specific domain.

Hey Jim,

Someone may have a "better way" (eg earlier in the mail connection) but I do what you're looking for as follows:

Click on Mail Policies/HAT Overview.

Make sure the listener is the "inbound" listener

Click on the Blacklist sender group.

Click on Add Sender in the bottom half of the screen, and add the domain or IP you want to black list...



Re: Drop incoming mail from specific domain.


I currently have multiple domains listed in the BLACKLIST Sender Group.  I've added verbatum the senders domain as it appears in their email msg, however it is not working as I continue to get email from senders in list. Have you any ideas why this is happening?


Re: Drop incoming mail from specific domain.

Sender Groups can be used to block messages based on the hostname or IP of the sending machine. It does not look at who the message is "from." To block mail based on the envelope sender you need to use a Filter or the Sender Verification Exception Table.

Your example of a content filter seemed ok but after you create a filter you need to make sure that it is enabled for the incoming mail policy. Create your filter and then select Mail Policies -> Incoming Mail Policies. Under the column called Content Filters you will need to

1) turn content filters on (default is off)

2) enable the specific content filter that you just created

You can also enter it in the Sender Verficiation Exception Table. You need to enable it under your ACCEPTED policy under Mail Policies -> Mail Flow Policies. There is a radio button all the way at the bottom for the exception table. Once you have it enabled then you can select Mail Policies -> Exception Table and add to always reject.


Re: Drop incoming mail from specific domain.


Thanks for all the info.  I chose to follow your advice in the last paragraph - using the Sender Verification Exception Table, it seemed like the best solution. A day after implentation we started getting calls from clients that said their email was delayed and eventaully their server would give up and stop attempting to send.  This was happening to random senders, not all senders, which is puzzling because none of them where listed on the Exception Table and we have been getting mail from them for years.  I turned off the Exception table and added them to the WHITELIST Sender Group and their mail started coming in. This dosn't make any sense to me so I ran updates on the OS from 7.5.xx to 7.6.1-022 and problem still exists.  Any thoughts ???

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