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ESA redundancy deployment questions

Hello! My customer bought a pair of C370 ESA prior to deployment  planning. I need to deploy both of them into existing network and I'd  like to ask few questions with somebody who knows how to do it.

1. As I know from manuals, ESA doesn't support any  clustering but I have centralized management keys which can only sync configs between devices, am I right? Can I completely configure one device and sync it to other later or my complete config form first device will be erased while setting up centralized management clustering with second device?

2. I can use multiple mx records with different priorities in dns for incoming mail redundancy, and it's ok for me because I'd like to use my ESAs as active-passive, no load balancing. But I can't find out how can I make something similar for outgoing mail. I'm using Postfix MTA and it has configuration option that allows to send all the mail through external MTA, which is ESA in my case, but it can be only one. I thought about multiple ip addresses in dns records for single hostname and use that hostname in postfix config instead of ip address, but it seems to be something like round-robin and dns can't know which of two ESA is live or dead at this moment. So, I'd like to hear your suggestions for this situation.

I'm newbie with IronPorts so I will appreciate any help including links to manuals

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Re: ESA redundancy deployment questions

1 config the first device, Create the cluster, config the network settiings for the second box, then join it to the cluster. The configs from the cluster will reset the configs on the second box. How to do this is covered in the docs

I can't help with Postfix...

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Re: ESA redundancy deployment questions

I am not Postfix expert but I did find the following:


Michael Maymann:
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According to these:

The Postfix SMTP client will try at least five IP addresses or two
SMTP sessions, When it reaches either limit, Postfix will
try another delivery later for several days.

The retry schedule behaves as documented at:



Direct URL:

Another URL with complementary info:

Please be informed I cannot support Postfix other than in the best effort approach.

Please be careful applying any configuration recommended in the references for Postfix as I am not a expert and never personally tried failover approach with Postfix.

I hope this helps.


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