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Impact of enabling end-user quarantine access


Our C170 generally ticks along without incident - an average queue length lower than 1 with peaks of up to 45 and more typically 25. During the same period its CPU hovers between 10 and 15% overall usage with swapping peaking at 27.

On such a system, what sort of impact will turning on self-service have?

Obviously a lot depends on how many of my mailbox owners want to use the facility. I've always been nervous about turning the facility on as if it is used, it's politically hard to turn off if the total load gradually rises. As we all know, budgets don't necessarily rise and fall with traffic levels.

Should I expect the system to handle 10 simultaneous connections without difficulty? 50? 100?

If there are any white papers or articles on performance that cover this aspect of Asyncos, by all means please point me at them.

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Greg Muszynski

The IronPort appliances are beasts, please share more about your environment you say you have a C170 that's one of the smaller appliances, but how many users do you have? 

We've got 2272 mailboxes of which 25% are likely to be inactive dross. I understand that this still puts us in the upper half of the recommended range of customers for a C170.

Inbound is 466k/week with 83% refused by reputation and 2% dropped by CASE and my own content rules combined. Outbound is 19k/week with 2% bouncing and an insignificant number caught by content rules.

I should have also mentioned in my original posting - we're Image Analysis customers. Anti-virus is of course turned on.

I could go into more detail - what other information is likely to be useful?

Mathew Huynh
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello exMSW4319,


While I typically have not seen issues arising with system performance with enabling of end user spam quarantine access -- such information of white papers to cover this would be best directed at your Cisco Sales Representative or Reseller.




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