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IronPort Backup and Import Process

Hi all, i have a C160 IronPort box and my company just have bought a new C170 one.

So, i have the mission to "transfer" all settings and policys from the old C160 to the new C170. They will operate together in our network, like a cluster.

In the future, we will buy a Manager to put them working togherer and replicating changes.

So, my question is: What's the best (and simple, if it's possible) to get this working?

I was thinking about use CONFIGURATION FILE export from C160 (old one) and then importing it to the new C170. After that, i'll just change hostname and IP Address. Will it work? Does CONFIGURATION FILE backup everything i need to recover and create a new machine with the same defitions??

Thanks a lot.

Alvaro J Gordon-Escobar
Cisco Employee

Hello Mauro,

The config file is saved in XML, edit the file with something simple.  we don't want to damage the file (dont use word!)

you can downlowd the file from  System Administration -->Configuration File   or you can have the unit email them to you via the same page.

1. connect to your C160, and download or email your self the configs.

2. enter your email address

3.  DO NOT mask the passwords

4.  you will get a copy of the configs in your mailbox.

     a.  look for the hostname of the old applainces.

     b.  replace it with the new hostname

     c.  look for the IP of the old appliance

     d.  replace it with the IP address of the appliance

5. save your work

now browse to the GUI of the new applaince (it should have the same IP addresses you gave the file in step 4d).  go to System Administration -->Configuration File  -- > Load configuation, browse to your desktop.

after you apply and commit the work,  the device will be identical to the old unit, except for IP and hostname.

NOTE: if you had certificates, you will need to get certs for this unit that match its globally DNS hostname.  You will need to add an MX record for the new IP that will accept email for your damain.

Also, don't forget to add a rule in your firewall, so this unit can received emails from the internet



Thanks Alvaro,

so, the proccess works, right?

I just have to change IP, hostname and certificates (if i have then - i don't know exactly, i think it's necessary for digital signeds emails, right?)

So, making this backup/import using configuration file and changing IP/Hostname, i'll have 2 identical machines. Creating another MX record for this new one box, i'll be able to have a "failover" system of my ironport solution? Is it just it?

Thanks a lot for your very explained reply.

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