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Ironport Email - VRF(Routers) ou Context(ASA) equivalent

We have 5 costumers that filter their e-mails in our IronPort.

Everything is OK, Ironport and senderbase are beautiful!

But we are having some problems with bandwidth control.

Today the MX of their domain is the same ip address of IronPort, and we are only able to control bandwidth by IP address.

The solution that we used is a shared bandwidth limitation for this propose.

But we and the costumer don't like very much of that.

So we are looking for a way to force IronPort use different sources for each domain.

With that I can control the bandwith based on IP address.

Another, and better, solution would be something like VRF on routers world, or Context in ASA world.

Something like a virtual mini-ironport to each costumer.

Each one with their on Vlan, their on default gateway, rules and every thing else.

Any suggestion?


I'm feeling the stupidest in the world.

Reading IronPort 7.5 Advanced Guide I found the Virtual Gateway Feature.

Which solves partially our problem delivering and receiving e-mails with specific source addresses.

That will allowme to control the bandwith based on the IP addresses.

But allying "Virtual Gateway" with "Internal Vlans", I see that the solution that we really need is almost formed.

The only missing piece would by a per "Virtual Gateway" "Default Router(IP Gateway)".

With that I can put one InternalVlan into the respective servers vlan of each costumer, and Each Virtual Gateway will use the specific costumer gateway that is associated with their on VRF and FirewallContext(ASA).

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