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Ironport Outlook Plugin for Encryption


I have had a host of issues with Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 on both Windows XP and Windows 7 platforms, and the Ironport Plugin.

I have tried previous versions as well as the most current (that I could find) OutlookDesktopFlag_6.5.1-006.msi and about 60 % of the time the "sendSecure" add in will not be there.  I usually have to dig into the Outlook add-ins section and manually browse & select it, for it to show up.

Also after a period of time, the add in can disappear.

Are there any known incompatibilities with certain MS KB patches, etc, that could be causing this?

Out of roughly 100 users I have rolled this out to, we have had issues with 70 of them either up front, or with the add in disappearing.

Anyone else experiencing these issues?



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Jason Meyer

I have seen sporadic results like this too in our shop.  I haven't been able to find any consistency to the cause but occasionally will get a client that will not show the Add-In after install.   After going into the Add-Ins section of Outlook and possibly restarting Outlook we have been able to get the Add-In to show up always (at least to my knowledge).   I have had word that if you have the Exchange Management Tools loaded on the same machine that there is some conflicts but other than that no confirmations of what the problem is.   I personally think its Microsoft starting to tighten the rope around 3rd party vendors putting add-ins into their software.  Just my opinion.

Long live the IronPort Nation!


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