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ISQ: db.init() failed.

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I just updated to 15.0.0 build 104 and I am getting the error:

ISQ: db.init() failed. Retry after short pause.

and the quarantine services are not starting. Might be related but I am also getting :
The operating system partition is at 93% capacity


Unsure how to get ISQ to start.


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we are also facing the exact same problem. We already extendet the disk quotas for all available hdds. Thought that the appliance might swamp itself and maybe bigger partitions could succeed here. That was not the case and also the spam quarantine is out of order.

As my previous speaker tried to activate services via Shell, I also tried without success. The Cisco Shell didn´t offer any command for the spam quarantine or  db cleanup / fix. 

Is there any workaround or fix available? 

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we updated to 15.0.1-030 a week ago and after a restart yesterday we have the same problem:

"SQ: db.init() failed. Retry after short pause.
The operating system partition is at 93% capacity"

Quarantine services are not starting and disc space isn't full.

Is there any fix oder something for this problem?



In the end we opened a TAC ticket, which helped us out here. It seems that this "problem" is releated to any kind of partition called "Nextroot". The only available "workaround" is to log into the shell and start the db service. Unfortunetly I really does not know any shell promts to get this working. BUT: if you restart your C100V again, then you will get the error again. 

The only fix, that will really help you here, is to deploy new VMs. Cisco changed the settings of the virtual disks and therefore you should not run into the problem again - until there are new settings they will implement in future versions. 

Hope that I could help in any way

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Hi Marcel,

Many thanks for your response.

Now I can save myself the time and deploy a new VM straight away.

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