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SNMP-Test connectivityFailure / Proxyproblem?


got a little Problem with the SNMP-Test connectivityFailure on our IronPorts C370 & M670 and  URL. All our Webtraffic has to be transportet over a Proxy-Server. Updates on the Ironport works, proxy ist configured, just the SNMP-Test fails. Is it possible that the SNMP-Test doesn`t use the proxy by design or any other ideas? Test-URL is


Claudius Ruecker

Enrico Werner
Cisco Employee


The trap for connectivityFailure has a standard to use which is not obvious.

Start  with SNMP disabled, then use snmpconfig to enable the agent, and select  the option to enable all traps. Because trap connectivityFailure is  enabled, every 5 to 7 seconds (not configurable) the management  interface (by default) will try to connect to on  port 80 (configurable).  It will then try an HTTP GET request, and it  will expect a response code between 200 and 300.  If fail, then trap.  That's the only test for this trap. The interval is not configurable,  but the path is. Let's say alerts should be sent when the appliance  cannot connect somewhere, but the firewall is blocking the management  port from opening port 80 at Or the appliance is  supposed to use the configured proxy and connectivityFailure trap  should be sent if proxy is not reachable. The URL should be changed.

1. Assuming all traps are enabled, use snmpconfig to ENABLE trap #3 connectivityFailure in the list

AGAIN, or disable it and re-enable it, it makes no difference.

2. An extra question will pop up every time it is set to ENABLE i(except when ALL traps are enabled):

         What URL would you like to check for connectivity failure?


3. Enter a local URL, for example

ConnectivityFailure  traps can be easily simulated by using dnsconfig and entering a  non-working DNS server (lookups for will fail,  traps will be sent every 5-7 seconds.)

Hey Enrico,

thx for your answear.

The Problem is not that i don`t know how to enable this test.

DNS works fine, otherwise Updatefunktion shouldn`t be possible

The Problem seems that the Ironport doesn`t use the Proxy Server for the test. I just want to know if this snmp-test uses the configured Proxyserver?

Hi Claudius,

it is correct that the IronPort does not use the proxy for: connectivityFailure. If you want to use the proxy follow the instructions provided.


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