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Hi everybody
I use C170 and nice getting alerts through email spam email is reported.
I checked that there was no sender. Errors do not know what this is? or misconfigured somewhere.
My photo shoot below.
please people help

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


These appear to be bounce Non-Delivery Report (NDR) emails which would mean the null sender '<>' is intended behavior. You can read more about this in SMTP RFC 5321 - Section 6.1.

If there is a delivery failure after acceptance of a message, the receiver-SMTP MUST formulate and mail a notification message.  This notification MUST be sent using a null ("<>") reverse-path in the envelope.  The recipient of this notification MUST be the address from the envelope return path (or the Return-Path: line). 

As to why you're sending out these NDR's I'm not sure, and I would suggest opening up a support ticket if you wish to investigate those further. It looks like it may have just been the result of receiving some Spam emails, possibly to non-existent recipients.


-Dennis M.

Thank you dmccabej
but why on the warning system as spam and viruses that?
you can send a document link configuration for the device ?
Thank you


As to why the Anti-Spam verdict was positive, I'm not sure. It's also possible you had an infected internal user sending out spam. There's lot of different possibilities and it's hard to tell without having access to all of the logs and a sample email. If you did want to find out more you could always open a TAC/Support case and they could take a closer look.

I've provided a link to the ESA user guides below. Hopefully that helps! :)

ESA ASyncOS User Guides


-Dennis M.

thanks you