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Standard questionnaires for new SMTP connections

I was recently appointed to manage our org's ESA C670 - no proper transition document has been handed down to me, so im working may way to get familiarized with the system.


Now im in a situation that a 3rd party wants to add a new SMTP connection - mostly for campaign emails to our customers so im expecting this SMTP to send bulk emails in high volumes.


My question is, id like to know some standard questions I can relay with our 3rd party when it comes to new SMTP connections requests to reassure that our ESA wont get abused or get flooded to it's limit - our dept have no control over them so i want to set some rules after I have send out these questions below.


This is what i have in mind:

  • How frequent SMTP will send out emails?
  • Mail per second?
  • Attachment / Files attachment will be included?
  • OS server of SMTP?


Is there anything more i need to know from their end?






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Cisco Employee

Re: Standard questionnaires for new SMTP connections


For your requirement, you can create a new sendergroup in your ESA appliance for your 3rd Party vender servers in which you can assign a custom policy which can be used to have a control on the SMTP connection being formed by their end. Please find below steps you can follow:

1) Create a custom mail flow policy (Mail Policies--> Mail Flow policy-->Add Policy).
2) Edit the policy with all the security parameters to have control over the connections made etc.
3) After this create a new sendergroup (Mail Policies--> HAT Overview-->Add Sendergroup) with a customer name and assign the above created mail flow policy to the same.

Cisco Employee

Re: Standard questionnaires for new SMTP connections

Hi Zydfm,

The appliance you are using is end of life as on July 31, 2019. I would suggest moving to higher model or deploy virtual appliance to receive support for hardware related issues.


Regarding your query. you can find out below details from the 3rd party sender:

  • How frequent SMTP will send out emails?
  • Size of the email.
  • Details about Attachments if any.

Apart from this as suggest by Pratham you can create you can create Sender group and mail flow policy for this sender. You can do the rate limiting in the mail flow policy created to handle the incoming traffic from this sender.

Hope this is helpful.




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