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subject header formatting using CRES/C350

I have a C350 running the CRES/encryption package on the box and CRES works fine with the [send secure] inserted into the subject. is there a regex or something i can configure to remove the encryption trigger from the subject so the final recipient does not see the trigger string? the action/rule states "encrypt ("encryptedmail", "$Subject", 0)". i assume the 0 might have something to do with it, but unless i use the configuration box where $Subject was entered to edit the '0' value i don't see where i can select any kind of regex character length.

Jason Meyer

I spent a while trying to find a way to do this as well and never found a way to remove just the [Send Secure] portion of the subject.  I could replace the entire subject with something else that didn't have the [Send Secure] string, but I was unable to find a way to only remove the [Send Secure] string and leave the rest of the subject.

My guess is it could be done with a message filter rather than a content filter but I am no python programmer.


     The Send Secure plug-in will not check to see if [Send Secure] is all ready in the subject and append it again so that the subject can be something like  "[Send Secure] [Send Secure]"

Hopefully one of the other IronPort Nationalists will have an answer for us.


Lincoln, NE

On the C350 (AsyncOS), you can use Message filter action "edit-header-text" and remove the keyword "[Send Secure]". For additional information about this messge filter action refer Online help "Message Filters action" section.

Jason - If you use an IEA to encrypt messages, there is a "Remove Match" action in "Subject Matcher" rule condition. This would be a simple method without using regex or message filter on the C-series.



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