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HA Pair- FirePower Backup

I dont have backup of Firepower config from my old ASA in HA pair, but can I take firepower config from my working Active ASA in the HA pair and apply that on the new ASA firepower module?



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Re: HA Pair- FirePower Backup

It all depends what Firepower-Version you are running on your ASA. With 9.2 on the ASA it's likely that you run a quite outdated Firepower version and the replacement ASA is newer than the old ASA. If that is the case then:

  1. Update the ASA-software to a recent version (I prefer the newest 9.6 interim)
  2. Update Firepower management Center to the newest 6.2.2 version
  3. Update Firepower to the newest 6.2.2
  4. Install the same ASA-software on the new ASA
  5. Assumed that the sw-model on the new ASA also comes with a 6.2 version:
  6. setup the module for your FPMC.
  7. Apply the latest Updates to the new Firepower

For the Firepower config you don't need a backup. After adding the new module to the Firepower Management Center you can just apply the policies again.

Re: HA Pair- FirePower Backup

I have got both the ASA running 5525-X  which is running 9.2(2)4.


I read here that you can apply the backup config


My question is , after I have installed the firepower (same version as of active ASA) on the new SSD if I take the backup from the active ASA with firepower module and apply that on the backup ASA firepower module, will that be ok

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Re: HA Pair- FirePower Backup

You don't need a backup/restore procedure as the FMC will take care of the policy. All you have to do is bring the module into FMC.

Re: HA Pair- FirePower Backup

Thanks for your reply.


So once the module is intalled on the SSD  and point to the FMC , then do I have to goto FMC to push the config to the backup ASA firepower module or does it happen automatically


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